Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Freedom and language

Last post I talked about the relation between GDP per capita and languages we found that English is around the average. Today I want a show the relation between languages and freedom. Freedom here is measured as an average of the following four indices: Freedom In The World Index, Index of Economic Freedom, Press Freedom Index and Democracy Index. All this indices are published by country and form there we can derive the freedom by language measure weighting each country by its population and language.

The following graph shows the result.

English is clearly above the average and above the other big languages like French and Spanish.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

GDP per capita by language

Some new academic papers have found a relation between savings, debt and languages. Apparently, some languages encourage people to save and reduce debt while others do the opposite just by the form of grammatical rules and the construction of future phrases.

Is then sensible to think that language may have a link with GDP. The following graph shows the GDP per capita by language. The data was gathered from IMF, World Bank and CIA.

The first languages (most spoken) of each country were alloted with 80% of the countries´ population and the second language the remaining 20%. Although that can´t be true for all countries I found it a good estimate globally. I couldn't find a more detailed information.

The graph only shows languages with more than a million speakers.

English is in the middle of the graph because many poor countries in Africa speak English and the same happens with French