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Sentiment on News headlines

This is a fantastic paper  about the sentiment and emotion in 23 million headlines from 47 news media outlets popular in the United States. They use models fine-tuned for detection of sentiment (positive, negative) and six basic emotions (anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise) plus neutral to automatically label the headlines.  Results show an increase of sentiment negativity in headlines across written news media since the year 2000. Headlines from right-leaning news media have been, on average, consistently more negative than headlines from left-leaning outlets over the entire studied time period. The chronological analysis of headlines emotionality shows a growing proportion of headlines denoting anger, fear, disgust and sadness and a decrease in the prevalence of emotionally neutral headlines across the studied outlets over the 2000–2019 interval. The prevalence of headlines denoting anger appears to be higher, on average, in right-leaning news outlets than in left-leaning n

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