Best city to live in

There are a few best-cities-to-live-in rankings out there and diving a bit on them, I found a striking difference between what the so-called experts see as the best and what expats surveys say.

While the first group, the experts, compile data on key factors as safety, cultural amenities, salaries, and then aggregate it all in one metric, the second group, the expats, seems more like a expats gut feeling ranking.

Of course, there are problems with both approaches, from we are all different and want different things/cities/climates, to how can expat views be compared when each have just seen a handful of cities or why would an expert know how to weight factors, how do you measure social live?

Seems like, outdoors/social way of life is more valuable to people than what experts conclude? Is interesting to see that in Europe the difference is clear, the experts, which here I include : Mercer, The Economist and Numbeo rankings have northern cities. The expat survey, which include: Internations, and HSBC expats survey, have more cities of the periphery/south of Europe.

Amsterdam, The Hague, Dusseldorf, Basel and Vienna are in both lists.

Worldwide, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore are the ones showing up in both lists.


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