Creativity and GDP

I am delighted about World Values Survey data. It's just brilliant. They asked 1000 people per country questions related to their social, ethical, moral and economic life. Results are very interesting and give a lot of insight. I tried to find a relation between those questions and GDPpc PPP. I assumed that one of the following questions should have a relation to GDP:

1- It is important to this person living in secure surroundings?
2- It is important to this person adventure and taking risks?
3- It is important to this person to think up new ideas and be creative?
4- How important is work in your life?

We all would thought that the last question should be correlated to GDPpc. But look at this Correlation coef. for 15 developed countries:

question1(inverted) question2 question3 question4
GDPpc PPP 0.32006 0.06363 0.42821 -0.34265
ln GDPpc PPP 0.31429 0.03711 0.47647 -0.37323

'Importance of work' and GDPpc correlation is negative! instead 'Creativity' is the one with a higher coefficient. Isn't it nice? I know this is far from an academic paper but is interesting anyway.


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