One thousand Ngram charts

Google Books state that they have digitalised the 4% of all books ever published, more than 5 million books (and journals) since 1500AD. With that amount of data they quickly came up with the idea of a visualization tool. Google Ngram is the visualization tool of Google Books and is a easy and fast way of visualizing information and tendencies in the use of words and group of words through history. Informationisbeautiful took some nice comparisons between different words:

Plato (blue) vs Aristotle (red)since 1800AD
Religion (blue) vs Science (red)since 1750AD What (blue) vs When (red) vs Why (green) vs How (yellow)since 1800AD
1900 (blue) vs 1910 (red) vs 1920 (green) vs 1930 (yellow)...since 1900AD


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