Machine learning visual experiment

R2D3 is an experiment in expressing statistical thinking or machine learning with interactive visual design. In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions.
In this case the authors Stephanie and Tony design  a machine learning process in order to know if a house with unknown location is from San Francisco or New York based on other parameters such us altitude, price, sq feet,…

In most cases they seem to apply a logistic regression where high or low values of one variable such as high altitude are more likely to be from one city rather than the other. By sequentially applying this process with all variables and using recorded data the authors can get a very accurate estimate of location for any given house, provided the explanatory variables are available.


Saifur Rahman said…
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Saifur Rahman said…
I believe you are really intelligent about MACHINE LEARNING VISUAL EXPERIMENT.I am proud of reading your experiment article. Digital machine learning systems have made a huge contribution to the rapid progress of the world. We have to admit that it is because of this great system that our world today has been able to discover so much and accomplish the impossible.

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