Child penalty to earnings

This paper (here too) adds empirical evidence onto the different impacts child penalties have in earnings on women and men.

The earnings of men and women evolve similarly before parenthood — after adjusting for lifecycle
and time trends — but diverge sharply after parenthood. Women experience a large, immediate and
persistent drop in earnings after the birth of their first child, while men are essentially unaffected.
Ten years after child birth, women have not recovered and at this point the series have plateaued.

Countries differ on the impact on women but all of the analysed nations showed a significant larger impact on women than men.

This country differences correlate well with differences in gender stereotypes culture.


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John said…
Hi, surely the surprise here is that the fall in earnings is so similar for both males and females. I linked this article in the blog listing site "writeho" ( ) you might list your other posts there..

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